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School transition is a process that prepares all partners - students, families, schools, and communities - to develop knowledge, skills, and relationships that help students move from one educational setting to another. Leaving a familiar environment for one with new rules, children, teachers, buildings, and expectations can be very stressful as well as very exciting for a young child. A smooth transition to kindergarten helps children be more self-confident, develop better relationships with others, and succeed in school. See below to learn more about what you can do to make sure children has a successful transition into kindergarten!

Literature Supports:

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Reading books to children with characters and plots supporting kindergarten transition is a GREAT way to expose children to their upcoming transition. It also helps them to relate to characters going through the some of their same fears and anxiety, especially when the characters in the story are able to overcome those fears in positive ways. If mice, raccoons, cats, and young children just like them have an awesome first day kindergarten experience, then they can too! There are many amazing books with kindergarten transition themes. See below for ideas.

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Supporting Kindergarten Transition

Summer Reading Programs

Resources for Families on Kindergarten Readiness