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October 2015: Creating a Standards based culture to meet the needs of the whole child
For more pictures of October Sub-Cadre groups in action, see Twitter #BCPSk1
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Active Engagement Table Resources
In & Out Directions
Nine Ways of Working With Magnetic Letters
Kindergarten Center Ideas
In & Out Placemat
Venn Diagram
Grade 1 Living and Nonliving
In & Out Worksheet
I See, I Think, I Wonder Charts
Animal Picture Sorting Cards
Making a Ten Directions
Social Studies Resources

Making a Ten Gamecards
Centers in Action

Making a Ten Worksheet
at and ate building

November 2015 Resources: Using Formative Assessments to Inform Instruction

“Schools only continuously improve if they switch their focus from inputs to outcomes and from activities to results.” Defour, Learning by Doing, p. 183

Team Share and Walk-Around Resources
Social Studies

Monthly Progress By Level
Thanksgiving Story Bracelet
It's All About the Numbers!
The Three Cuing Systems

K Readiness Screener
ReadIng Level Comparison

K Math Skills Checklist
Running Record Admin Guidance

First Grade Math Checklist
Running Record Class Summary

Nov Math Worksheet

January 2016 Resources: Personalized Differentiated Learning

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sc pic team hanna and jamila.JPGsc pic pembroke pines book team.JPGsc pic mirror lake hallway.JPG

Team Share and Walk-Around Resources
Social Studies
Social Emotional
Snowman Template
Independent Reading Chart
Seasonal Tree Pictures
Social Emotional Standards
Ways to Make 10

Seasonal House Pictures
SEL Defined (CASEL)

Sensory Stations

Math Vocabulary Cards
Padlet Link
Insta Snow

WIDA Standards Booklet

Kinetic Sand

Snow Recipe DIY

100 Snowmen: Spotlight Book

February 2016 Sub-Cadre Resources: Interdisciplinary Learning
sc pic ball 2.JPGsc pic banyan.JPGscf1.JPGscf2.JPG
continuum of LL pic.JPG

Graphing Templates
Caps for Sale
Force and Motion

How Toys Move Graph
Hot Wheels Free Kit (Accelerate Learning Through Play)

Teaching Heart
The Leaping Ping Pong Ball

Goods and Services Children's Literature

Tedder elementary loves math.PNGCaps for Sale Picture.PNG

May 2016 Resources: Integrating Writing and School Showcase Sharing!
It's been a great year working with you in the K-1 Sub-Cadre professional learning sessions! Our team is looking forward to the final session in May where we will have the opportunity to participate in school showcases and wrap up our year of learning together. Schools were provided a feedback form in and were asked to complete, print, and bring to the May session with the K-1 "showcase" of choice. We will be providing time for schools (5 minutes each) to present (talk and share) to the group as part of the session and will ensure space is available at the hosting schools for displaying work.

Sub-Cadre Feedback Form and Showcase Sharing Overview
  • Do you Tweet? Throughout the year, we have been posting pictures of our sessions, classroom walk-through best practices, and interesting ideas on Twitter at #BCPSK1. Please invite your Kindergarten and first grade teachers to post pictures of their classrooms, centers, bulletin boards, projects, and anything else they would like to share. We will highlight these postings during our May sessions to enhance collaboration and continue the sharing. Don't forget #BCPSK1!
  • Teachers and administrators who attended all five sessions are eligible to receive 18 inservice points as the course closes in mid-May. We will be contacting participants who missed one session to provide an option for "make up work."If you have any questions about sessions, make-up work or inservice points, please email Lori Canning at

Resources for May Meeting:

On the Road in Broward K-1 Classrooms (Best Practices)
Hover Over Circles for Pictures to Appear

Additional Resources
Kindergarten Complex Text: Butterflies
This New York City kindergarten class of English language learners demonstrates Lily Wong Fillmore's guidance in how teachers can support students in acquiring and using academic language and working successfully with complex text. These ELL kindergartners have engaged in a unit studying butterflies where academic vocabulary, language structure, and keys to unlocking the meaning of complex text have been deeply embedded into their daily learning.
Engage New York Video Collection