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Early Childhood Education Value Statements

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  • Individual needs
  • Student achievement
  • Contributions of the team (Social Workers, Parent Educators, Teachers, Psychologists, Specialists, and many other Professionals)
  • Respect and dignity leading to customer service
  • Parents as a child's first teacher
  • The family's contribution to the decision making process
  • Interdisciplinary teamwork
  • Instilling the love of country and patriotism
  • The development of creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking
  • Providing rich, diverse, developmentally appropriate activities
  • Developing communication with the entire community in the forum/partnership
  • The creation of a forum for immigrants to transition into our education system
  • Assisting families to achieve their personal goals
  • A safe and secure learning environment
  • The school community (parents, students, school staff, district office, representatives, and the local community)
  • Strong connections in the service of children
  • Meeting the needs of all students and families in our community
  • Parent involvement and engagement as an essential piece to the success of the family, school, teacher, and students
  • Respect for all students and fair and equitable treatment to develop positive social and emotional development
  • Meeting individual needs so that all students can learn
  • The right to high quality educational opportunities for all students
  • Embracing the diversity of the community
  • District services clearly tying to student achievement
  • An army of supporters marching for student success
  • The belief that all students can learn
  • High quality education addressing the needs of the whole child (physical development, social emotional, approaches to learning...)
  • Improving access to technology for all students

The ECE division will empower all positive stakeholders to understand and utilize resources to address physical, mental, and social emotional needs of the whole child and family.